Labour Standards Assurance System

The National Health Service Supply Chain (NHS SC), in conjunction with the Departments of Health and Industry bodies, has introduced new ethical standards for its suppliers.

The Independent Labour Standards Assurance System (LSAS) Audit ensures a level of ethical standards for suppliers within their own supply chains, which reduces risk of labour standard abuses to go undetected and without resolution.

LSAS was launched on the Surgical Instruments framework. However NHS SC are looking to expand compliance to other areas within the Portfolio.


The four levels of LSAS Maturity are:

1) Foundation *

2) Implementation

3) Established

4) Progressive

* Suppliers must be audited to Level 1 as a minimum before NHS Trusts can purchase supplies through NHS SC.

Our Approach

GlobalGROUP is accredited by the Social Accountability Services (SAAS) for SA 8000, which enables us to audit NHS Suppliers against the four levels of maturity. Each level has clear goals for the supplier to progress to Level 4.

Key Benefits

LSAS enables suppliers to demonstrate labour standards are monitored throughout their supply chain and risk reduction with a policy of continual improvement.


LSAS applies to all countries within the United Kingdom. 

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