Real Estate

The impact of global recession brings challenges for those in real estate – and for the customers who find it harder to acquire property.

Being able to demonstrate the quality of your business practices – and ensure safety where renovating properties – aids customer confidence, and supports sales.

International certification inspires confidence for clients, and can also open up further markets for your business.


If you are overseeing larger properties, you’ll need to maintain lifts and other essential services. We can help:


If your business includes having contractors out on site, the safety of the properties is crucial for workers – and for future owners. But your off-site working environment is also important.

Ensure the wellbeing of staff, contractors and customers, wherever you’re operating:

Customers and clients are demanding better built properties – with more environmentally appropriate materials and techniques.

Show your commitment to responsible building and renovation practices:

Interested in reduce your energy usages and costs associated with that?
New certification is coming in regarding energy management – find out more here:

To improve the wider working practices in your company, and to demonstrate to clients the quality of your work:

If your supply chain includes buying raw materials or components from abroad, or if working internationally, assess your shared working practices with current and potential partners: