With the increased affordability of international travel, the hospitality industry continues to be in demand to meet a range of business and leisure requirements for customers.

However, we also live in an age where companies’ reputations can be made or broken by online reviews.

Make sure that your company is able to demonstrate its advantages – through meeting international standards of quality and safety.

Bring quality and consistency to the standard of what you offer to the public:

Ensure safety and quality in the sourcing and preparation of your catering division:

Prove that you have also identified pre-requisite programmes (PRPs) for food safety for your sector of food production, to ensure food safety right through the supply chain:

Prevent, reduce or eliminate potential biological, chemical and physical food safety hazards, including those caused by cross-contamination:

Keep your staff safe, reducing staff injury and absence – and maintain a safe environment for your customers:

With a rise in customer appreciation of green tourism, find out how to improve the environmental impact of your business:

Interested in reduce your energy usages and costs associated with that?
New certification is coming in regarding energy management – find out more here:

If your supply chain includes buying ingredients from a range of providers around the globe, or working internationally, assess your shared working practices with current and potential partners: