If you work in education, you’ll know that standards matter.  But these days, it’s not just about the standard of teaching – or of exam results.

It’s about the quality of the learning environment. The way you engage with teachers and learners in other settings – in other countries too. The way you approach the provision of your service, and the range of learners you target.

Whether you’re working in schools, universities, colleges and further education, or as a private training provider, showing your commitment to high standards can bring many benefits.

It can increase staff morale – and parental support. It can bring fruitful partnerships, and mutual learning from others involved in the business of education. It also supports transparency, and acknowledges the expectations of funders.

What certifications are relevant for me?

Improve the wider working practices in your organisation, and demonstrate the quality of your work to learners, service users and funders:

Interested in reduce your energy usages and costs associated with that?
New certification is coming in regarding energy management – find out more here:

What would happen if your computer systems were compromised? How secure are records of students’ learning – or of personal data?

Make sure your staff are working safely, and that your public environments are monitored:

If your work includes partnerships with education providers and organisations, assess your shared working practices with current and potential partners: