In our fast-paced society, construction is a key sector: whether building new homes and commercial projects, or improving existing facilities.

The demands have long been there to build quicker. But now clients and customers are expecting more.

More environmental awareness. More quality control. More accountability concerning your supply chain.

At GlobalGROUP, we understand the demands of your sector, whether you are involved in lift & escalator installations, electrical installations, civil engineering, or a range of other areas.

Find out how our services and certifications can help you carry out the contracts you have – and attract new ones.


If you are maintaining lifting machinery for heavy materials, you’ll need to monitor your equipment. We can help:

We also offer factory inspections, if you want to be sure of the quality of components you’re using. Find out more on our Services page.


Whether your staff are on-site – or on the road – maintaining safety standards means looking after their wellbeing, as well as safeguarding your construction schedule.

Make sure your policies cover the range of environments you operate in:

Good construction work relies on good systems, increasingly online too. What would happen to your business if your computer systems were compromised?

If you are planning new construction jobs, or upgrading existing facilities, make sure you know the implications of your work. Find out how to improve the environmental impact of your business:

Interested in reducing your energy usages and costs associated with that?
New certification is coming in regarding energy management – find out more here:

To improve the wider working practices in your company, and to demonstrate to clients the quality of your work:

ISO 9001 Quality Management Training & Assessment

If your supply chain includes trading in materials or services from providers around the globe, or if working internationally, assess your shared working practices with current and potential partners: