Lift Regulations Schedule 6

About GlobalGROUP

Globalgroup has been awarded accreditation by UKAS for the inspection of lifts against the requirements of the Lift Regulations Schedule 6. The company is already accredited for Schedule 9 (Unit Verification), Schedule 12 (Full Quality Assurance) and Schedule 13 (Production Quality Assurance) of the Lift Regulations.

Final inspection under the Lift Regulations Schedule 6 is a procedure whereby the installer of the lift who places it on the market has to satisfy the requirements of the Directive. The installer of the lift has to affix a CE mark on each lift and draw up an EC declaration which confirms conformity with the Lift Regulations Schedule 6 and that all essential health and safety requirements have been met.

The inspection under the Lift Regulations Schedule 6 is a one-off inspection unlike for Schedules 12 and 13 whereby monitoring is carried out under a system of surveillance. The Lift Regulations Schedule 6 requires that the following test/inspections are carried out:

1) Examination of the documentation to check that the lift conforms with the representative model lift.

2) Operation of the lift both empty and at maximum load to ensure correct installation and operation of the safety devices (end stops, locking devices, etc.).

3) Operation of the lift at both maximum load and empty to ensure the correct functioning of the safety devices in the event of loss of power.

4) A static test with a load equal to 1.25 times the nominal load.

A lift installer who would like to apply for approval under the Lift Regulations Schedule 6 should in the first instance make an application to Globalgroup. The next stage would be the for the following documents to be reviewed:

1) The drawing of the complete lift (GA).

2) The circuit control diagrams.

3) A copy of the lift operation manual.

Upon successful completion of all tests and a check that all documentation is in place Globalgroup shall issue a final inspection certificate detailing the test carried out which shall then allow the installer of the lift to affix the CE mark and use Globalgroup’s notified body number adjacent to the CE mark.

For any queries or questions about the Lift Regulations Schedule 6 should be directed in the first instance by email to

In order to apply for a Lift Regulations Schedule 6 inspection please click on this link