ISO 9001:2015 Update

ISO 9001:2005

Introduction & Status

In 2012 ISO granted approval for the start of a major revision to the current standard ISO 9001:2008, which would be suitable for at least the next 10 years.

The standard is to adopt the high level structure, identical core text and common terms and core definitions of the new “Annex SL” Model. The current focus on effective process management is to be maintained but greater emphasis on producing desired outputs and providing confidence in products.

Work on the new updated ISO 9001 is well underway. Currently the status of the standard is a Committee Draft (CD 9001) which was issued on the 3 June 2013. The closing date for submission of comments and votes is the 10 September 2013.

Publication Programme

June 2013 – Committee Draft Issued – ISO/CD 9001

September 2013 – Cut-off Date for Comments & Votes – ISO/CD 9001

April 2014 – Draft International Standard (DIS) – Ballot opens

August 2014 – Draft International Standard (DIS) – Ballot closes

July 2015 – Final Draft International Standard (FDIS) – Ballot opens

August 2015 – Final Draft International Standard (FDIS) – Ballot opens

September 2015 – Target date for publication of International Standard (ISO 9001:2015)

Impact of Changes

It is likely that the impact of the changes in the new standard will be similar to or even greater that the changes as a result of the 2000 version of the standard, which were major changes that affected Accreditation Bodies, Certification Bodies, Training Companies & Registered Companies who incorporated the changes.

Implementation Time Scale

Nothing has been announced as yet but we anticipate the time scale to be as it was in the year 2000, which was 3 years.


Within CD/9001 there is the following clause structure and proposed changes:

  1. Scope
  2. Normative References
  3. Terms and Definitions
  4. Context of the Organization
  5. Leadership
  6. Planning
  7. Support
  8. Operation
  9. Performance Evaluation
  10. Improvement

Summary of Main Changes

  • Use of terms “goods & services” rather than “product” and the word “continual” dropped from “continual improvement.”
  • “Purchasing” and “outsourcing” are replaced by “external provision of goods and services”
  • Specific references are made to risk, identification of risks and opportunities and planning actions to address risks and opportunities identified.These proposed changes replace preventive action in the current edition of the standard.It also addresses risks which can affect conformity of goods and services as well as customer satisfaction, including taking a risk-based approach to determine the type and extent of controls appropriate to each external provider and all external provision of goods and services. These changes put a greater emphasis on the definition of scope, which has always been the most important and critical aspect of a quality management system.
  • There is an increased a requirement for senior management to take a greater active involvement in the quality management system.
  • There are now just general requirements for documentation, with no reference to documented quality manual, documented procedures or to quality records. The Committee Draft refers to “Documented Information.”

How Can GlobalGROUP Help

We are currently designing a one day training course on the CD version of the standard. The objective of this course is to compare the current standard with the CD and discuss the intent behind the proposed changes as well as what the requirements will mean in practice.

This course will be a public course and is open to any person who wishes to attend. The dates for the courses and the prices will be published in the near future. Booking the course will be through the web site when the programming has been completed, which should be before the end of August 2013.


Mahmut Sogukpinar
Technical Manger