ISO 50001 UKAS Accreditation

ISO 50001 UKAS Accreditation for Globalgroup has now been achieved. Globalgroup is the 3rd International Certification Body in the world to achieve UKAS Accreditation.

Globalgroup were an active member of the ISO 50001 UKAS Accreditation Pilot Scheme when it was launched at the beginning of 2013.

Since the issue of ISO 50001 in late 2011 there was been no accreditation available under UKAS until very recently, therefore, Globalgroup are proud to announce this accreditation and to be the third Certification Body in the world to achieve this accolade.

Initially during the Pilot Scheme the only document UKAS required all on the Pilot Scheme to use was ISO 17021,  however, Globalgroup went the extra mile and designed the management system on just not on ISO 17021standard but the draft of ISO 50003. The general requirements and competence requirements go more in depth, in particular into the areas of auditor competence requirements.

Currently Globalgroup has UKAS issued Accredited certificates in the United Kingdom and there are a number of assessments taking place in other countries as well as expansion into the following countries: Australia, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand United Arab Emirates and United States of America.

Within Globalgroup’s ISO 50001 UKAS Accreditation there are no limitations and the ISO 50001 UKAS Accreditation reads as follows:

  • Industry (Light to Medium)
  • Industry (Heavy)
  • Buildings (Standard Energy Use)
  • Buildings (Complex Energy Use)
  • Transport
  • Mining & Energy Use

Globalgroup are also able to run public training courses for ISO 50001 on top of ISO 50001 UKAS Accreditation audits from all international offices.

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