ISO 37001 Anti-bribery Management System

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ISO 37001:2016

Bribery has been one of the biggest deterrents in the success of any organisation. This destructive and intricate culture within companies contributes to a significant loss in terms of profit and revenues. It also impacts the organisations stability and highly affects the employees’ morale. International institutions have taken measures to combat bribery and corruption through laws and agreements but there should be participation in the organisations’ level to complement these measures and effectively eradicate the problem.

What is Anti-bribery Management System?

According to International Organization for Standardization, the Anti-bribery Management System is designed to instil an anti-bribery culture within an organisation and implement appropriate controls, which will in turn increase the chance of detecting bribery and reduce its incidence in the first place. ISO 37001 gives the requirements and guidance for establishing, implementing, maintaining and improving an anti-bribery management system. The system can be independent of, or integrated into and overall management system.

Where is it applicable?

ISO 37001:2016 can cover government institutions and entities, private sectors, non-profit organisations, state-owned enterprises, small to medium enterprises, non-governmental organisations and businesses from all industry types. The requirements are generic therefore it is applicable to any organisation regardless of type, size of manpower, nature of business, etc.

What are the benefits of ISO 37001?

ISO 37001 will help you improve your controls to combat bribery and corruption within your organisation. By implementing the Anti-bribery Management System, you will be able to identify risk assessment, effectively implement controls on finances and commercial decisions, and instil leadership amongst the personnel and staff. With ISO 37001, the occurrence of bribery and corruption is reduced and stakeholders, suppliers and subcontractors made aware of the good practice.

How can you get ISO 37001:2016 Certification?

ISO 37001 is designed to be integrated into the existing management system, or it can stand on its own depending on the organisation’s preference. It is based on the ISO High Level Structure for management system standards, so it can easily be integrated into other standards such as QMS, EMS or OHSAS.

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