Company Profile


At globalgroup, we believe that using local professionals is the best way to do business and to meet your needs.

They understand the business culture and practices far better than outsiders ever could, and are better equipped to market our services and control our operations.

This is why we always prefer to work with local partners. Our partners have a high degree of autonomy and flexibility in how they manage local affairs. This allows them to tailor services to meet expectations and preferences within their market place.

Wherever we operate, however, the core values and principles behind the certification remain the same. As a result, we can offer the best of both worlds: international and local.

International Network

Globalgroup companies have a number of relationships with international Accreditation Bodies and organisations such as:  UKAS and FSSC 22000. There are a number of other accreditations and associations planned for the future.

Accreditation and acceptance

Within globalgroup companies there is accreditation under UKAS, DSM, SINCERT and ENAC, with several more planned for the future. Globalgroup certificates are recognised and accepted in all major trading blocks of the world.

Modern and progressive

Globalgroup takes a modern, forward-thinking and progressive approach to the market and to our services. Our online systems keep bureaucracy to a minimum, reducing the possibility of mistakes and ensuring rapid turnaround of reports and certificates.


Globalgroup has trained and competent personnel available throughout the world. These include engineers, technicians, inspectors, auditors, trainers and technical experts. Personnel are utilised as and when needed for specific assignments.

Independent and self-financing

Globalgroup does not receive funding from the government or any other source. Our income comes from client fees alone. This dependence on the market ensures our fees are competitively priced and our service attractive.

Understanding and responsive

Globalgroup being self-financing, we depend on our clients. We understand their needs and feelings, and welcome their comments. Client feedback is also integrated into our business planning systems and procedures.

Professionally managed

Globalgroup senior management are also qualified lead auditors who have extensive practical Quality Assurance (QA) experience from careers in industry. This brings an in-depth knowledge of the problems industry faces and client assessment demands.


  • Registered companies in their country of domicile
  • Operating according to global policy, principles & procedures
  • Staffed by local professionals who understand local culture
  • Providing the same level of service worldwide
  • Controlled by globalgroup head office
  • Monitored through regular surveillance visits.