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Globalgroup is a leader in Certification and Inspection

You want the best for your organisation’s future.

Accredited International certification is part of that future: helping you secure larger-scale contracts, ensuring high quality business processes, enabling you to work at an international level with greater ease.

At globalgroup, our in-depth knowledge of internationally recognised Accredited Certifications and Inspections means you can get the advice and training you need – while still acknowledging the management systems you already have in place.

With offices within all 5 continents, and over 40 countries, our staff demonstrate local business knowledge, as well as expertise across a range of market sectors.

Whatever your area of business, whatever your ambitions for your organisation, choose certification – and globalgroup – to make those aspirations a reality.

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  • Fixed Price Quotations

    Globalgroup quotations are fixed at the same level for 3 years, inclusive of all travel time & expenses

  • International & National Accreditations

    Globalgroup has international accreditations and local accreditations where this is a requirement

  • International Network

    Globalgroup has 44 international offices across 5 continents and dealing locally with 15 languages

  • Competent Personnel

    Globalgroup has over 500 competent personnel that include auditors, inspectors and management

  • Certificate Validation

    Globalgroup has an on-line system that allows the public to validate the authenticity of certificates

  • Updates

    Globalgroup has a blog and social media team in place in order to keep clients up to date with changes